Pablo Center operates in support of a mission that is focused on enriching and developing opportunities to experience the performing, literary, and visual arts for people of all ages and backgrounds.

When you donate to Pablo Center you are showing that you support the arts in our region. Our valued donors play an essential role in supporting our mission and vision the future of our region’s creative economy. As a 501(c)(3) organization, Pablo Center relies upon charitable giving to support the development of regional education opportunities in the performing, literary, and visual arts, as well as providing affordable access to the arts for all walks of life.

Experience the diverse, world-class expressions of the human experience at Pablo Center, knowing that you made a difference. Your support has the power to infuse energy and life into our region and beyond.



Operational Fund Campaign for Pablo Center

The statement Turn It Up To Eleven is worth reflection. For audio technicians around the world, amplifiers and equipment have knobs that go to 10, to turn it up to 11 implies that there is something beyond 10...something more. Not formed or needed out of excess; rather out of a professional need to provide and deliver something better, more refined...the unending evolution of the human experience.

It is with that inspiration and intention that we announce Pablo Center’s Turn it up to Eleven Campaign. The goals of this campaign are to expand programming and accessibility, improve the Pablo Center experience for all who enter our doors, and reach our full potential.

The successful completion of this campaign will allow us to close out the remaining capital construction liability as well as fund two endowments of $1M each. Pablo Center’s focus will continue to be community partnerships. Since the fall of 2018, we have been focused on creating and nurturing partnerships in our community with a future eye on regional and state partnerships.


Partnerships make us and our community strong. We continue to find ways to support and advocate for the longevity and success of arts, cultural, and nonprofit organizations in our region and nation. Recent partnerships include Visit Eau Claire, Together Chippewa Valley, NIVA.


We listened to our community at the beginning of the pandemic and learned that the families in our community needed educational assistance when their children were home for virtual learning days. We partnered with the Eau Claire Area School District and were able to serve over 60 kids in grades 4-10 without turning any child away. This was made possible by very generous donors and sponsors.

In partnership with the Eau Claire Area School District, our summer courses are offered free to the students in our community. We currently have over 300 students on the waitlist for our STEAM courses. We have future aspirations of offering STEAM education to the region and State.


Throughout the pandemic, we were able to offer weekly virtual, at-home art projects for families through our website, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. We have partnered with Smiles in Motion & Kristo Orthodontics to offer ARTmobile in person again beginning this fall.

The Play for All Program is part of our access initiative. Any family who qualifies for a low to moderate-income membership at the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire automatically receives a free membership to Pablo Center. 

We took the opportunity during the pandemic to follow one of our dreams to build a mini replica of the Globe Theatre in Jamf Theatre. Summer 2023, will be the launching of the Wisconsin Shakespeare Festival. This festival aspires to be a true reflection of our community while simultaneously educating and engaging our community. Next summer promises to be exciting and busy at Pablo Center.

Unlock the Full Future of Pablo Center

We were able to accomplish all these things with the limited resources available imagine what we will be able to accomplish with nothing holding us back! We have dreams of a bright future. With your support we will expand programming and accessibility, improve the Pablo Center experience for all who enter our doors, and reach our full potential.


Give To One of Our Initiatives

Help us fulfill our mission by donating to one of our initiatives.

Janet Carson Art Education Fund

Contribute to art education in our region. This fund supports art outreach programs such as ARTmobile – Pablo Center’s free, mobile art education program, while also providing resources to create opportunities such as the addition of the youth, plein air art competition to GO Paint! Chippewa Valley.


Laurie Bieze Permanent Art Collection

Pablo Center’s Laurie Bieze Gallery features artwork selected from our Laurie Bieze Permanent Art Collection. Contributions to the Laurie Bieze Permanent Art Collection enrich the art experience for anyone who walks through the doors of Pablo Center.


Dan Clumpner Tribute Fund

The Dan Clumpner Tribute Fund has been established to ensure that Dan’s vision and aspirations for The Confluence Project become a reality through continued stewardship of this world-renowned facility. 


Capital Campaign

There is still time to add your name to the Donor Wall. Support Pablo Center through our capital campaign to ensure our long-term operational viability.


Wisconsin Shakespeare Festival

Become a founding supporter for the newly announced Wisconsin Shakespeare Festival by clicking below to donate to the program. More details coming soon.


Turn It Up To Eleven

Support to help expand programming, expand accessibility, improve the guest experience, and for Pablo Center to reach its full potential.


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