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M&J Clearwater View - Lee Butterworth Photography

M&J Clearwater - Lee Butterworth Photography


Pablo Center at the Confluence operates in support of a mission that is focused on augmenting and developing opportunities to experience the performing, literary, and visual arts for people of all ages and backgrounds.


Pablo Center welcomes, connects, inspires, and transforms, motivated by the belief that through art, education, and entertainment we can build stronger communities and a more enlightened world. 


Pablo Center is a leading force in nurturing art in all its forms. Pablo Center is active outside its main building, supporting events and programs in other locations throughout the region. Pablo Center is financially strong and in a stable financial position, with the resources and reserves necessary to book a variety of talented artists and to make its spaces available to local and regional artists and cultural organizations. Pablo Center achieves this vision with a strong and diverse staff and leadership that allows the organization to stay deeply connected and engaged with the community it serves.


Eau Claire was an arts town long before Pablo Center rose at the Confluence, thanks in no small part to the passion of our Constituent Arts Groups. From theatre and classical music to jazz, choral music, literary and visual arts – they represent the best of the Chippewa Valley. Local partners and nonprofit arts groups are vital to Pablo Center and its mission, and we are thrilled to support and celebrate their extraordinary work.

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We acknowledge that Pablo Center at the Confluence occupies the sacred and ancestral lands of Indigenous Peoples. We honor the land of the Ojibwe and Dakota Nations.


Pablo Center at the Confluence will not remain silent when what the community needs is for its local organizations to represent them. Pablo Center at the Confluence, while listening to and learning from the community, pledges to:

  • Address structural and historical inequities in the arts.
  • Identify and address implicit biases and practices throughout the organizational structure of Pablo Center.
  • Respond to the events of our time that test relationships within the community through dialogue, educational and artistic programming, and care.

Our first act towards this pledge is the creation of the Committee for Inclusive and Just Engagement and Practices, which is dedicated to the resolution of issues and the creation of opportunities related to social justice.


We would like to thank our Season Sponsors, whose support allows us to bring transformative experiences in the arts to the Chippewa Valley community and beyond!