1,200 Seats | Stunning | World Class

Great for: plays, musicals, opera, concerts, dance pieces, full orchestra performances, keynote speakers, and general sessions

The RCU Theatre is a Broadway-style theatre that can hold more than 1,200 seated patrons with a performance area that is 50 feet wide and 40 feet deep and an orchestra pit at stage level that adds another 12 feet of stage depth. With state-of-the-art sound and lighting, a hydraulic orchestra pit, and breathtaking acoustics, the RCU Theatre opens up amazing opportunities for new shows and cherished annual performances with attendees sitting no more than 80 feet from the stage.

RCU Theatre Capacities*

  • Theatre 1,200 attendees
  • Stage 220 attendees/performers
  • Stage 3,124 square feet

*capacities are subject to change depending on room setup

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RCU Theatre Floor Plan

RCU - Balcony View - Mike Howard Photography

RCU Theatre - Orchestra Level View - Mike Howard Photography.jpg

RCU Theatre Balcony Stage View - Lee Butterworth Photography

RCU - Balcony View.jpg

RCU Theatre - Stage View.jpg

RCU Theatre -2019 Gala- Steve Immerman Photography.jpg

RCU Theatre -2019 Gala- Steve Immerman Photography