Event Ticketing Fees Explained

Pablo Center believes in delivering the best guest, donor, and member experience. Controlling the cost to attend an event and accessibility are two ways we deliver on this experience. As we can all attest, inflation has impacted every sector of business including the creative and hospitality businesses. The convenience fee you are seeing online is a combination of our ticketing fees that help keep Pablo Center running, credit card convenience fees, sales tax, and the cost we pay to the ticketing service provider.

We have avoided annual fee increases since our second season, however with inflation and overall increase in expenses across the board, we were required to increase our fees by a mere 7% going into our sixth season. In looking at venues in our general area, and of similar size, we are still at the low end with the fees we are charging.

Why do you have ticketing fees?

Ticket cost (the face value of a ticket) goes directly to paying the artists, therefore the only way an events facility is able to generate revenue is by charging fees. Most public performing arts centers receive ongoing taxpayer funding; Pablo Center does not. Therefore, as a non-profit, Pablo Center relies on revenue from ticketing fees, concessions, and donations in order to offset its fixed operational expenses (not including staff salaries) of $5,000.00 each day. Ticketing fees are shared with each user of the facility as a way to help ensure this state-of-the-art building is here for generations to come and to help keep the facility in incredible functioning order for each guest we serve.

What is included in the convenience fee?

  • Facility Fee (the money that Pablo Center makes on the event)
  • Sales Tax
  • Credit Card Processing Fees
  • Ticket Provider Fees

Can I avoid the Convenience Fee by coming into the Box Office/Calling?

All fees are the same regardless of how you purchase them.