The Visual Arts shine at the Confluence

Current Calls To Artists

With three year-round galleries and a resident art collection on display throughout the building, Pablo Center at the Confluence invites you to explore, engage, and be a part of our visual art community. Interested in being part of one of our exhibits? Our exhibitions feature original works of all mediums and styles, from artists throughout the Chippewa Valley, Midwest, and beyond.

Check back often for additional artist opportunities.

Rules & Regulations

• A Loan Agreement Form will be available for completion by the artist and turned in to Pablo Center one month prior to the exhibit. A copy is given to the artist by request.

• All work must be delivered to Pablo Center at the Confluence by the artist. It is strongly recommended that all art be appropriately wrapped or crated. Work requiring special assembly and disassembly may be the responsibility of the artist. The artist is responsible for incoming and outgoing shipping of artwork to and from Pablo Center at the Confluence.

• Installation of exhibits will be planned and implemented by Pablo Center management, with a mind towards the public interest, accessibility, safety, professional appearance, security of the artwork, and condition of Pablo Center property. Site-specific installations must be approved by Pablo Center's staff at least three months in advance of installation with a written plan of implementation provided at that time.

• Two-dimensional pieces must be wall-ready and hung with wires, if applicable. Saw-tooth hangers are unacceptable, and the artwork will not be exhibited.

• Pablo Center reserves the right to accept or reject any works of art based on its selection criteria. Artists who wish to appeal a decision may appeal to the Board of Directors. All works to be exhibited must be of professional quality, not be older than five years unless approved by Pablo Center management, and not have been exhibited in Pablo Center within the last two years. All work must be for sale unless approved by Pablo Center management.

• All labeling of information for the exhibit will be taken from the Loan Agreement Form, which we assume is correct. If there are any changes to be made, it is the responsibility of the artist to contact Pablo Center. All work must be clearly labeled on the back or on the wrappings upon delivery.

• Artwork is to remain on exhibit for the duration of the exhibit unless otherwise approved by Pablo Center Management.

• The retail price of each piece is set by the artist and will not be altered by Pablo Center without permission from the artist. We expect that this price is no higher than the artist would sell the piece for elsewhere. Please include Pablo Center's commission in your price. Wisconsin sales tax (5.5%) will be added at the time of the sale.

• Pablo Center's commission on sale of artwork is 30% for Pablo Center members and 40% for non-members. If interested, memberships must be secured before the exhibit opens to the public. Payment for items sold will be issued at the end of the exhibit minus Pablo Center's commission. Checks will be mailed to the artist within a reasonable processing time.

• Artwork is and will remain the sole property of the artist until sold. The sale of work does not constitute a transfer of the artist's copyright.

• Pablo Center assumes the right to photograph and publish works on display for publicity, education, and archival purposes. This also includes any information supplied by the artist such as artistic statements, biographies, and images submitted by the artist in perpetuity.

• A virtual exhibit may be created and posted on our website and social media. Pablo Center reserves the right to publish or not publish any image(s) from the submitted work and the corresponding details of the works. This virtual exhibit may exist on our website or social media for an extended period of time. Any work of art sold through Pablo Center staff on Pablo Center's website or social media, at any time, will incur the Pablo Center commission rate.