Explore the Visual Arts at Pablo Center

With three year-round galleries, James W Hansen Gallery, Graham Avenue Gallery, and the Laurie Bieze Gallery and a resident art collection on display throughout the building, Pablo Center at the Confluence invites you to explore the visual arts. Free, open to the public, and highlighting the best of regional and national artists across a variety of media; the visual arts shine at the Confluence.

Virtual Gallery: Through the Lens of the First Nations People

An exhibit exploring what it means to be Native American in the Midwest.

About Through the Lens

Portraits document the here and now in humanity. The span of human creativity shows our need to record ourselves; to show who we are. Humans have used whatever materials they could to depict their existence; carvings in wood and bone, storytelling tapestries, sculptures in clay, paintings on urns; to our more modern marble, canvases, and photography: we must be seen and heard.
This exhibit features Tom Jones who deftly combines symbology, mysticism, and stark realism putting a face to the Ho-Chunk Nation.

Strong Unrelenting Spirits | Tom Jones
I have been photographing my tribe, the Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin, for the past nineteen years.  First and foremost, I am ever mindful of my responsibility to the tribe.  These portraits are rooted in Ho-Chunk identity through the use of floral designs, which are beaded directly onto the photograph.  I have incorporated this in order to give a symbolic representation of our culture and to present the pride, strength and beauty of my people. 

Virtual Gallery: 2019 Confluence of Art Annual: Homecoming

Originally on display: September  - November 2019
Second annual juried art exhibit, Homecoming, the Confluence of Art Annual.  One of the joys of this annual exhibit is the variety of mediums that are on view. Our patrons are treated to many wonderful new works from some of the top artists in our region. Let me boggle your mind with some numbers: 75 artists submitted 203 works of art for review by our juror, Yoonshin Park. Of those works submitted, 53 were selected for exhibition. Ms. Park spent countless hours perusing images and selecting works of highest quality.

Interested in Registering for the 2020 Confluence of Art Annual?

Confluence of Art Annual is a juried art exhibit that seeks recent, original works by artists of all visual mediums. Selected work will be placed on display in the James W Hansen Gallery at Pablo Center from September 18 to November 15, 2020. 
Apply by June 22 at 10 a.m. 

Virtual Gallery: Feast & Famine
How do we participate in the feast and how do we impact the famine?

ABOUT Feast & Famine

Originally on display: October 2019 - January 2020
Tis’ the season for feasting. The harvest has been reaped and the nights are getting long. Time to give thanks and be grateful for our plenty. Some of us, though, may not be as fortunate as to have a comfortable nest, or know what it is to enjoy the pleasure of good company and warm tables. This exhibit explores what it means to live in a time of plenty, knowing that there are those out there that need our assistance.
This exhibit features the works of Mark Aumann, Christina Dickman-Loew, Ian Haneworth, Richard Wunsch, and works from the Laurie Bieze permanent collection by Kay Dawson, and Mel Sundby.
Virtual Gallery: Human

What does it mean to be Human? Is it our form that makes us unique? Our functionality? Humanity has the ability to feel and inflict infinite pain, but we also are capable of growth, of innovation, of discovery. In this exhibit drawn from works in the Laurie Bieze Permanent Art Collection, we explore what it is to be Human.

Featured Artists

George Hagale
John Lawler
Joseph Velasquez
Mark Aumann
Mel Sundby
Patricia Mayhew Hamm
Virtual Gallery: NOW: Emerging Artist of the Chippewa Valley

Our founding artists of the Chippewa Valley helped to lay the foundation of the vibrant arts community we have here. However, today we revisit the 2019 exhibit, NOW: Emerging Artists of the Chippewa Valley to see our newest creatives and what the future holds for our arts community.

About NOW

Originally on exhibited May 24 - July 12, 2019 - Curator Kelsey M Wenberg
When planning our inaugural season at Pablo Center, 
we were very careful to give credit where it was due. Our previous exhibit, THEN: Founding Artists of the Chippewa Valley presented new and old works from the creators of our arts scene. These were the artists that helped to lay the foundation that Pablo Center is built on.  

NOW is what is happening in the Chippewa Valley at this very moment with our newest creatives; the next step in our arts scene. It is exciting in here! You are inundated with color and sound. Contrast abounds; darkest rooms, and softest floating objects. There are a lot of questions in here; how can I alter this more, how can I take what was given and make it my own, what does it mean to be an emerging artist? I hope you are able to take your time and fully experience NOW: The emerging artists of the Chippewa Valley. 

Virtual Gallery: Counted in the Stars

Laurie Bieze inspired a generation of regional creatives to be bold and daring. To explore what makes you happy, and "To thine own self be true". This exhibit explores the themes and fundamentals of Laurie Bieze's work, giving insight into the creative process of this region's iconic artist. Featuring new acquisitions to the Laurie Bieze Permanent Art Collection, works that are Pablo Center patron favorites, and multi-media works of Laurie Bieze that have previously not been on display to the general public.

Virtual Gallery: Seasons of the Chippewa Valley

Explore all the seasons of Chippewa Valley in an afternoon with our virtual Laurie Bieze Gallery exhibit, Seasons of the Chippewa Valley. 


Representations of all of the seasons selected from the Laurie Bieze Permanent Art Collection.

Virtual Gallery: Everything you Can Imagine Is Real

We may not be able to gather in the same room to enjoy art, but we sure can virtually! Please enjoy this selection of artwork created by the talented young artists of Western Wisconsin. 


Emotional, witty, sometimes shocking; this exhibit offers a glimpse into the hearts and minds of some of the region’s most talented teen artists.
EVERYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE IS REAL: An exhibit of high school student art is a great opportunity to showcase area students work in a professional gallery setting. We seek to highlight our region’s high school art programming to local art enthusiasts and gallery visitors. This is also an opportunity to demonstrate the results of our region’s art teachers: their passion, planning, and teaching throughout the school year.

Participating school include: Altoona High School, Eau Claire Memorial High School, Eau Claire North High School, Mondovi School District, Immanuel Lutheran High School, and Chetek-Weyerhaeuser Area School District.

James W Hansen Gallery

Experience exhibits of visual art in a dramatic environment. Located on the first floor of Pablo Center, the James W Hansen Gallery features a schedule of exhibitions ranging in a multitude of artistic mediums from 2D to performance art and beyond. Presenting emerging and established artists, annual juried exhibits, themed exhibits, and retrospectives, sky’s the limit in the James W Hansen Gallery.

Current and Upcoming Exhibits

ON LOVE: Exploring mind and hearts
January 17 - March 8, 2020

March 18 - 22, 2020
The warmth is on its way, and so are the flowers! Floral designers create beautiful works of art based on fabulous local artwork-a not to miss exhibit.

EVERYDAY ICONS: A sideshow of artworks by Mary Catherine Solberg
March 27 - May 10, 2020

IN BY 10 ART BY 5: A Larry Stark photography retrospective
May 15 - July 12, 2020

BENEATH THE SURFACE: The artwork of Rebecca Crowell, Allan Servoss, & Bruce Warren
July 17 - September 13, 2020

About James Hansen

A native of St. Paul Minnesota, Mr. Hansen has a strong belief that service and engagement with the creative class is critical to building a sustainable community that benefits the common good.  As an officer of a Fortune 500 company, CEO of a publicly traded technology business, and as an adjunct professor, Mr. Hansen is a supporter of young entrepreneurs, and both civic and arts organizations. 

Graham Avenue Gallery

You only need walk the halls of Pablo Center to view art in a remarkable setting.  Highly accessible, and located on the first floor of Pablo Center, Graham Avenue Gallery highlights exhibits inspired by our community. Gain an appreciation of the Chippewa Valley as you enjoy student art exhibits, and themed exhibits inspired by our region’s flora, fauna and folks.

Current & Upcoming Exhibits

EVERYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE IS REAL: An exhibit of high school student art 
February 28 - April 26, 2020
Emotional, witty, sometimes shocking; this exhibit offers a glimpse into the hearts and minds of some of the region’s most talented teen artists.

REFLECTED LIGHT: GO Paint! and the Art of Plein Air Painting in the Chippewa Valley
May 8 - August 2, 2020
The artists of GO Paint! Chippewa Valley have painted the rolling farmlands, dramatic river banks, charming downtown areas, prairies and forests of Pepin, Buffalo, Chippewa, Dunn, and Eau Claire Counties. In this second season of the Pablo they bring the outdoors in, and light up the Graham Avenue Gallery.

Follow the link for more information on how to participate and to commission artworks during the Go Paint! Chippewa Valley event happening May 2- 8, 2020.

Go Paint! 2020

TAKE ME TO THE RIVER: Dive deep into our region's waterways.
August 7 - October 2020

Laurie Bieze Gallery

The second-floor Laurie Bieze Gallery features artwork selected for exhibition drawn from the Laurie Bieze Permanent Art Collection. Themed exhibits highlight recent acquisitions, artist retrospectives, and significant contributions from our collections. On permanent display are stained-glass works by Laurie Bieze, carefully selected by her family, supporters, and friends.


February 14 - June 14, 2020
Representations of all of the seasons selected from the Laurie Bieze Permanent Art Collection.

June 19 - September 2020

About Laurie Bieze

Laure Bieze was known for her passionate advocacy of local artwork, and her tireless promotion of the creative economy, embodying the working artist ethos in the Chippewa Valley. An artist of many mediums, Laurie was renowned for her stained-glass artwork. Always pushing fellow artists and economic leaders into the mindset that art is of value to the community, Laurie was understood to have a “Fire in the belly.” Throughout her life and even through cancer, she strived to live her life according to one of her favorite quotes, "To thine own self be true". Listening to her inner voice, pursuing her love of art, and finding the light in others were values she held dear.

Highlights of Laurie Bieze’s extensive body of artwork can be found on display through Pablo Center’s art collection, the Laurie Bieze Permanent Art Collection.