Wisconsin Fun Next Exit

Virtual Exhibition

Wisconsin Fun Next Exit

Cool off by the river shore

Virtual exhibit on view Augusts 20, 2021

Artist Statements and Biographies

Statements and biographies written below are by the individual artists and are published with their permission. The views expressed are their own. Thank you.

About the Exhibit - Message for Curator Rose Dolan-Neill

In this exhibit we explore summers in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Those who visit this region are treated to a variety of landscapes and waterways, flora and fauna. Those who live here know we really do live the good life. You may notice that some of the works on display are from my families’ art collection. I very much enjoy colorful works of art that highlight our beautiful landscape here in Wisconsin. When my family and I select artwork for our home, we think of what might inspire us to love nature, and we think about our woods and waterways, which we try to enjoy in some form every day. I also live with a painter, so I have a robust catalogue of works to choose from-lucky me! Shown here are a variety of mediums depicting long summer days spent fishing, crowds huddled together for Eaux Claires Music Festival, Kubb, and road trips to the shores of Lake Superior.  

Cool off by the lake, swat the mosquitoes away, and listen to the loons in the distance.  

David Brock

My art, both in painting and drawing, centers around the architecture of the landscape, both grand and small, wild and domesticated.  Paired down to the essentials of color and form, these works reflect a cognitive reconciliation with those often-times overlooked spaces as a means of self-understanding and grounding. 

Born and raised on the Front Range of Colorado, David graduated from University of Northern Colorado with a BA in Painting and Drawing and received an MFA in 2D Studies from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH. David currently is an Associate Professor in Painting and Drawing at Sheridan College in Sheridan, WY. 
Before moving to Sheridan with his wonderful wife, two stellar kids, and one fuzzy dog  in 2016, he taught in the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, the University of Wisconsin - Stout, and the Bowling Green State University art departments. He has also been the Gallery Director of the Janet Carson Gallery at the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center in Wisconsin. His artwork has appeared in national and international juried and group exhibitions, along with numerous solo shows.  He is currently represented by the Nines Gallery in Holland, MI, and the Commercial in Alma, WI.  David has studied, lived and taught for two years in Fukuoka, Japan, and for one year Florence, Italy, along with extensively traveling throughout Europe and Asia.   

David's Website

Nancy Erickson-Dutmer

Entertainment is the backbone of my art. Each piece starts with random inspiration which leads me usually to vintage photos, where colorful characters, themes and costuming commingle from various eras into my compositions.  When painting, I prefer to work in oils, but the theatrics shine more through painted fabric and bead embroidered art pieces. I conceived this technique to emulate my past profession on stage in dazzling costumes. As I hand stitch each sequin and bead upon my subject, the embellished fabric takes on weight similar to a beaded gown.  Fabric paints on stretched fabric became the foundation of this artistry, for the ease of sewing every bauble on by hand. Still, I continue to waffle between oil painting and bead embroidery, as they both satisfy my artistic cravings in different ways, and they both feed into my desire for audience entertainment. 


Nancy Erickson Dutmer’s theatrical and artistic upbringing heavily influenced her creative path through life. Most of her adulthood was spent singing, acting, directing and choreographing in the theatre, including a costuming and choreography stint in LA with Christopher Lloyd, John Goodman and Jane Leeves. While she maintained this career, she pursued a college education to become an art teacher. Nancy became discouraged with teaching before graduation, so she focused on becoming a visual artist.  With several awards and art studies under her belt, she and her family left her birthplace of Illinois, and moved to Wisconsin. The Northwoods inspired paintings of lakes, fish, birch, dogs, deer and bears.  Growing tired of the local theme, Nancy longed to create theatrically staged art. She now paints with oils or works with bead embroidery to create award winning Circus themes, nudes, portraits and animals, all with a decidedly vintage flair about them. 

Nancy's Website

Lori Chilefone
Lori Chilefone

My passions are family, collaborating artistically, foraging for wild edibles and partaking in the diverse offerings of Wisconsin’s Chippewa and Red Cedar Valleys. I'm the in-house graphic designer for Next Step Energy, our family business, and support non-commercial radio by serving with the Board of Directors for WHYS 96.3FM - Eau Claire’s Community Radio Station. I received my BFA in Graphic Design from College of Visual Arts (Saint Paul, MN) in 1992 and currently freelance as a graphic and fine artist. Recent artistic endeavors: co-curation of  "IN BY 10 ART BY 5” – a retrospective for artist Larry Stark  (slated for the J.Hansen Gallery/Pablo Center from May 15 –July 12, 2020), 2018 cover artist for Syracuse Cultural Workers' Women Artists Datebook, illustrating the opening lines of author Michael Perry's book Population: 485, and being a featured regional artist at Eaux Claires Music Festival (I, II, & III). Tune into WHYS Radio 96.3FM – Eau Claire Sundays from 2-3pm for “A Little Diversion” and  “Moxie, Cadence & Verve” from 3-5pm to hear some music I enjoy these days. Current gallery representation: Caradori Pottery (originals) and Riverwood Art & Frame (prints) in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 

 Lori's Website

Jane Foos
I have worked with textiles for over 30 years but began to explore specifically fiber as art in 2008.  Using primarily textiles I create dimensional art in an interpretive style.  My themes range from naturalized to abstracted collage wall art and accessories using surface design techniques such as painting, over-dyeing, thread sketching, fusing, raw edge appliqué, and free motion stitching.  Textiles used include up-cycled and hand dyed fabrics, vintage laces, upholstery samples, dryer sheets, scrim, tea bags, and thread tails. Much of my inspiration comes from runs or bike rides on the Chippewa River State Trail.   
Janice Morris
Janice Morris

Art would not exist without the ability to visually portray an idea, concept or emotion.  My work is a perpetual search for a way to show the ideas that I have about the world we live in; visually and conceptually.   I enjoy working in a variety of media, including watercolor, acrylic, collage, gauche, and multi-media.   I find my work is constantly changing and evolving.  It is almost impossible for me to “go back” to previous methods and work.  My pieces are becoming more and more abstract, which I find challenging and subject to far more thought and interpretation for the artist and the viewer. Inspiration, methods and ideas change.  Each piece I create is simultaneously an extension from the past, where I’ve come from and what I’ve learned, as well as a preview of the future.  My work is constantly changing and evolving, which I treasure. “Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult.  It demands that you know how to draw well, that you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colours, and that you be a true poet.  The last is essential” -Wassily Kandinsky 

Janice's Website

Crysten Nesseth
Much of my work is inspired by my education and growing up in the woods along the Red Cedar River. I love working in scrap metal in particular because of the shape and form of the raw, cold steel. Somehow, the abstract shapes inspire the warm and whimsical characters that I create. I use a plethora of tools, including saws, press brakes, ironworkers, plasmas, grinders, and welders. Rural Wisconsin fosters a large community of industrial workers, and I hope that many of them recognize and appreciate the work that I do, and the creativity it requires. Though I hope to grow my business throughout and beyond the Midwest, I can't help but remain true to my roots, and maintain a strong sense of community in the northwest Wisconsin area. 

Crysten's Website
Josh Dolan-Neill
Josh Dolan-Neill

Joshua Dolan-Neill has degrees in Art and Theatre from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He paints, directs theatre, designs sets and acts. 


Anders Shafer

Anders Shafer is a retired Distinguished Professor from UWEC. He has won many awards, been in over 250 competitions of note and has work in many public collections. He is the author of “The Fantastic Journey of Pieter Bruegel” (Penguin-Putnm, NYC). He works daily in his studio at Banbury Place. He is one of the featured artists in the Wisconsin Triennial at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, 2019. 

Anders' Website

Jake Ring
Jake Ring

Jake Ring grew up along Lake Michigan in the city of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, enjoying everything about maritime culture and the lake. After graduating with a degree in Biology and Environmental Science from UW-Eau Claire, he applied his passion for the outdoors to his work, focusing on fisheries biology in the Grand Canyon, as well as landscape and adventure photography and videography. He currently resides in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and splits time between his photography and videography business and doing water resources work for the local DNR. He draws inspiration from the natural world and the connectedness of everything. 

Tiit Raid

I became interested in painting landscapes again in 1997 after photographing natural forms to find new patterns for a series of non-objective paintings I was doing at the time. My first landscapes were of our yard in Fall Creek. When I got a kayak, the Fall Creek Pond was my main interest for about 12 years. Then, the creek area behind our house; eventually, moving in closer and closer to my subject. West Fox Lake, from 2014, is an early version of how I’m still working today. Tiit Raid received his BA and MFA degrees from the University of Minnesota I 1964 and 1966. He taught painting, design, and basic drawing at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire from 1967-2002. He lives in Eau Claire. Raid is represented by the Groveland Gallery in Minneapolis, and by 200 Main in Eau Claire. 


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