Dan Clumpner Tribute Fund

Pablo Center is a confluence of ideas; a confluence of art, dance, music, and song. It is a confluence of hopes, dreams, education, and inspiration.

Pablo Center is pleased to introduce the Dan Clumpner Tribute Fund.

The Dan Clumpner Tribute Fund has been created to ensure that Dan’s vision and aspirations for The Confluence Project become a reality through continued stewardship of this world-renowned facility. The fund has three core components with the Capital Campaign as our primary focus.  Help us finalize the Capital Campaign so we can unlock the full potential of Pablo Center. 

Capital Campaign

The financial sustainability of Pablo Center is our top priority in order to ensure the long-term health and success of the organization. Pledges toward the Capital Campaign will be used to pay down the capital debt of the building, allowing all future gifts to ensure the programmatic increases that Dan was so passionate about. With a goal of $4.25MM by March of 2020, gifts toward the capital campaign ensure that Dan’s Legacy lives on. Gifts and pledges made to the Capital Campaign will be recognized both on the Dan Clumpner Concourse Memorial as well as on Pablo Center’s Donor Wall.  

Accessibility Endowment (Future Opportunity)

At Pablo Center, our drive for possibilities and access was largely inspired by Dan’s commitment. It is important to ensure all citizens have access to experience Pablo Center’s offerings. Pledges made to the Accessibility Endowment will be used to fund low-to-moderate income tickets for events. While Pablo Center currently provides 20 of these tickets per show, this endowment would be used to provide tickets to other agencies and organizations whom are able to connect with and provide citizens access to the arts.

Educational Programs (FUTURE OPPORTUNITY)

A passion of Dan’s was ensuring youth and adults had access to educational programs within the building. Pledges will be used to create and fund an endowment for scholarships for Pablo Center Educational Program Scholarships.  Pablo Center’s educational offerings will continue to grow with summer programs expected to begin in 2020 with First Robotics Club already underway. This endowment will be used to provide scholarships to youth to become involved, or for other agencies, organizations, and citizens to help sponsor educational programs for attendees and provide greater access to the arts.