The Leviathans – FRC Team 8744

The Leviathans are Pablo Center’s FIRST Robotics Competition Team 8744. This is the second year Team 8744 has competed in the world-wide FIRST Robotics Competition, they are looking forward to growing their team in the years to follow. The team is made up of high school students from the Chippewa Valley area and are supported by an amazing group of mentors.

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What is FIRST Robotics Competition?

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is an international program created by Dean Kamen in 1992. It is a program where teams of high school students, with the help of mentors, design and build a robot. Every season has a different theme and corresponding challenge, meaning an entirely new robot is built each year. Because each team designs its own robot, no two robot competitions will be the same.

FIRST Robotics Competition

What our team does

Pablo Center's FIRST Robotics Team 8744, The Leviathans, have been building robots since 2021. The team meets over the course of the season to prep, design, program, and build their robot at Pablo Center. Throughout the competition season, The Leviathans will travel to compete in scrimmages and competitions, with the hope of qualifying to compete for FIRST Championship alongside other teams from around the world. 


2023 FIRST Robotics Competition Challenge


This season's FRC challenge is all about getting Charged Up. It's goal is to inspire teams, just like The Leviathans, to see the potential in energy storage. They will be competing to charge up their communities by building a robot that can compelete this season's requirements!

The Leviathan's honors and awards

Competition season 2022

  • Placed 13 out of 46 in qualifying matches
  • Placed 8 for Seed Alliance Captains
  • Awarded the Gracious Professionalism Award at Seven Rivers Competition

New Auburn Robotics Team 8782 - TroBotics

As a part of the Leviathans' outreach in the community, the team mentors New Auburn’s TroBotics 8782 team. Led by New Auburn Technology Education teacher Austin Rayburn, TroBotics has been around since 2021 and continues growing as new students learn about the program. The two teams meet throughout the season to support each other, address questions or technology issues, and learn from each other. We are honored to work with them.

Thank you to our sponsors

Pablo Center strives to create unique educational experiences for area school groups throughout the year. Designing and building robots is no easy feat and wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors. We thank the groups that have dedicated their time and resources towards the success of our FIRST Robotics Competition journey. 

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