Window Yarn Snowflake


The project should easily be accomplished by ages 4 and up with help from a parent or guardian.


30 min - 1 hour

This week with ARTmobile@home, enjoy the beauty of winter’s snow from the comfort of your house as we craft yarn snowflakes!


Kids will use motor skills and have the opportunity to learn about the science behind snowflakes while creating a hands-on project.


Did you know that snowflakes aren’t actually white? They’re made up of tiny ice crystals that reflect light, making snow appear to be white. Because of these crystals, snowflakes contain a lot of air, making it so that they actually have the ability to absorb sound. This is why it seems so calm when there is a snowstorm at night.

Learn more about snowflakes from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website.

Art Materials Needed
Art Materials Needed
  • Paper bag
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • White yarn
  • Colored yarn
  • Paper 
  • Pen or sharpie
Project Instructions

  1. First, take the corner of your paper and move it to the opposite edge, creating a triangle. This will level off the paper to give it the proper shape.
  2. Next, fold the triangle in half and then unfold it.
  3. Then take one corner of the triangle and fold it about 1/3 of the way up the opposite side.
  4. Flip your paper over and repeat the last step on the other side.
  5. Now fold it in half again, using the crease that you already created. It should now roughly resemble a rocket ship.
  6. Draw a pattern on the paper.
  7. Cut out the negatives of your pattern and unfold your paper completely.
  8. Unfold your snowflake and flatten it out on a paper bag.
  9. Using a pen, trace along all of the edges of your snowflake, including the shapes in the middle.
  10. Next, fill glue into one of the interior shapes and fill it with yarn, slowly circling the edges with it to fill it in completely.
  11. Once all of the interior shapes are filled with yarn, cut the entire shape out from the bag.
  12. Now, in the remaining space, lay down glue and fill it in with white yarn.
  13. Next, punch a hole in your creation and string some yarn through it.
  14. Tie a knot with the yarn, securing it to your snowflake.
  15. String it up in your window for a wintery decoration and you are done!