Watercolor Self-Portrait


The project should easily be accomplished by ages 4 and up with help from a parent or guardian.


30 min - 1 hour

This week with ARTmobile@home, celebrate yourself and what makes you unique with a watercolor self-portrait.


Children are learning to celebrate themselves by doing this project. They can think about how their minds and bodies are unique to them as they trace their own photos!

Art Materials Needed
Art Materials Needed
  • Photo of yourself (on printer paper)
  • Pencil, chalk, or graphite
  • Thin black marker
  • Watercolor
  • Cup of water
  • Paper towels
  • Paintbrushes
  • Watercolor paper
Project Instructions

  1. Start by selecting a photo you want to paint.
  2. Make sure to print your photo out on normal printer paper.
  3. Flip the picture over and color in the backside with a pencil, chalk, or graphite.
  4. Tape the photo onto the watercolor paper.
  5. Carefully outline the major shapes of the photo with a pencil and make sure to outline the edges but not to the details within it.
  6. Remove the photo when done tracing and start filling in the shapes with watercolor paint.
  7. Once the paint is dry, go in with a thin black marker and draw over the pencil lines.