Pipe Cleaner Chameleon


Project should easily accomplished by ages 4 and up with help from parent or guardian


30 min - 1 hour

Join ARTmobile as we take inspiration from the book "A Color of His Own" by Leo Lionni and making chameleon’s out of pipe cleaners.  


"A Color of His Own" is book that can provide backdrops for learning about colors and chameleons, and larger discussions of diversity.

Art Materials Needed
Art Materials Needed
  • Green pipe cleaners 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue (Hot glue gun works best)
  • Red pipe cleaner 
  • Yellow pipe cleaner 
  • Black marker  
  • Pen
Project Instructions
  1. Take a green pipe cleaner and make a small loop in the middle of it 
  2. Wrap one of the ends of the pipe cleaner around the loop to make a head 
  3. Next, take another green pipe cleaner and wrap it around the pen to create a coil
  4. Slide the coil over the straight end of the pipe cleaner 
  5. After the body is on, curl the end to create the tail 
  6. With your third pipe cleaner, bend it in half and then cut it. Bend both pieces in half again and trim them.  
  7. Slide the pieces of pipe cleaners through the coil. Put one towards the head and one towards the back of the chameleon, these will be its legs. Bend the bottom of the legs to make feet.  
  8. Next, cut a small piece of red pipe cleaner off. Put this piece into the head of the chameleon to give it a tongue. Curl the end of the red pipe cleaner.  
  9. Lastly, curl two small circles from the yellow pipe cleaner. Cut them off and add a black dot. Then glue the circles onto the head to give your chameleon eyes!