3D Flamenco Dancer


The project should easily be accomplished by ages 4 and up with help from a parent or guardian.


30 min - 1 hour

Let’s take a trip to Spain and learn about the traditional dance of Flamenco and the music that accompanies it! This week with ARTmobile@home, we will be using simple materials to create a 3D Flamenco dancer.


Kids will have the opportunity to learn about Flamenco dancing and catch a glimpse into Spanish culture and history by creating this project.


Flamenco is a complex art form incorporating poetry, singing (cante), guitar playing (toque), dance (baile), polyrhythmic hand-clapping (palmas), and finger-snapping (pitos).

Most flamenco songs can fall into three broad categories:
  • Cante jondo, or cante grande (profound, or grand song), which is profoundly emotional and deals with themes of death, anguish, despair, or religion.
  • Cante intermedio (intermediate song), a hybrid resulting from the fusion of cante jondo with Spanish music styles.
  • Cante chico (light song), which tends to deal with less serious, often humorous, or romantic subjects.
The origins are a bit of a mystery, but flamenco's roots are in Romany, Andalusian, Arabic, and possibly Spanish Jewish folk songs and, according to some scholars, in Byzantine and Indian religious chant.

Learn more about Flamenco from the Britannica Kids website.
Art Materials Needed
Art Materials Needed
  • Construction paper or cardboard
  • Red and white tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Sharpie
Project Instructions

  1. Start making your flamenco dancer by cutting a piece of white and red tissue paper
  2. Scrunch up the white paper and wrap the red around it. Fan it out to look like the bottom of a skirt and glue the two-colored papers together.
  3. Flip your tissue paper over and apply more glue to secure it to your construction paper or cardboard.
  4. Next, take another piece of red tissue paper, scrunch it up, and twist one end to make a thin point. Add glue to secure the pointed shape.
  5. Continue adding glue until the entire body section is secure to the construction paper or cardboard.
  6. For the sleeves, cut two small pieces of tissue paper, scrunch them up, and glue them down.
  7. Next, draw arms out of the sleeve (we did ours to look abstract) and add hands if you’d like.
  8. Continue drawing the silhouette of the head and include a large bun for hair. Color in the bun with a sharpie.
  9. Finally, cut and scrunch up one more small piece of red tissue paper and glue it onto the dancer’s bun to create a flower.
  10. And there you have it, your very own flamenco dancer!