Let's make some ART!

Join us for free art projects. Art projects are designed for all-ages. There is a wide spectrum of art projects available to inspire you and your family to create all year round.

The ARTmobile connects children and families with the visual arts. Its purpose is to provide fun and relevant art projects that have an educational aspect to them. These art projects are intended to take less than a half hour to create, sometimes in an outdoor setting, under the guidance and supervision of the parent or guardian of the child.  See below for some at home ARTmobile projects.

Learn From Home

Can't attend our ARTmobile in-person?  We have plenty of educational art projects you can create anytime from your own home! Limited materials needed and always fun and relevant, these art projects are quick and easy to create.

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**During Safer-At-Home mandates due to COVID-19, Pablo Center will continue weekly ARTmobile@Home projects to keep your family connect with the visual arts. A project preview with a list of materials and supplies will be announced on Facebook on Fridays with the project videos released the following Thursdays. These projects are adaptable, with limited supplies, and are easily completed by children 4 years-old and above with parent guidance.**

Flowerpot Creature
Spring is here and the flowers are blooming! We're celebrating with ARTmobile@home and making our own flowerpot creature!
These flowerpot creatures come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are downright wild, so get creative, have fun, and plant something beautiful!
Scrap Paper Mosaic

Do you like puzzles and using your imagination? We are going to create a beautiful mosaic picture using up-cycled colored paper scraps to create objects or patterns.
You might get carried away and mosaic your whole room!

Rockin' Snail

Create these rocking snails from home with ARTmobile this week! Can you make the snails different sizes? How could you decorate a black shell? Get creative and try making a whole snail family!

Colors of the Rainbow
What are the colors of the rainbow and what do they mean? Let’s explore the spectrum by making a rainbow with paper plates, cotton balls, string and beads. We’ll create a colorful work of art to remind us of the beauty of our planet, and the art of nature. 
Rainbow Fish Project

"Such a pretty creature! Would you share with us some of your sparkles, Rainbow Fish?” “Yes, I would, because I want to make everyone happy!”

Sharing is caring. Let’s create one of the most beautiful creatures in the ocean together and share your projects with each other.
Wellness Banner Project
What are the things we can do every day to keep healthy and happy? Let's create a wellness banner to remind us. Make a flag that has a helpful hint like “Step Outside” or “Read a Book” and put them all together to inspire wellness throughout our day.
Photosynthesis Mobile Project
Spring is in the air! How do green leaves form on trees? Let’s find out together. We’ll create a mobile that shows the cycle of photosynthesis made from materials found in your home and branches you can find on a walk.
Easter Egg Project

Easter is coming, and it is time for this little chick to break out of it’s shell. Wait a minute, how come this shell is so colorful? Does anyone know? Oh, that’s us! Join the Artmobile and make your own beautiful paper Easter’s egg.

Salvador Dali Draw Your Dreams Project
Ever wake up from a strange dream? Ever wish that your fantasy like dream was real? This Saturday we’re going to explore our dreams and draw our favorite strange dream using oil pastels, watercolor paint, colored pencils, crayons, markers, and more!