KODO Taiko One Earth Tour: Evolution

February 23rd, 2019 | Starts at: 7:30 pm | RCU Theatre

KODO Taiko One Earth Tour: Evolution

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“Throughout, the devil of it is the combination of the discipline of a surgeon’s scalpel with the primitive, muscular endurance of a cavalry charge. The speed and dexterity are as impressive as the physical tenacity is breathtaking.” - Chicago Tribune

The taiko: a traditional Japanese drum with limitless rhythmic possibilities. Kodo’s mission is to explore these possibilities, and in the process forge new directions for a vibrant living art-form. Thunderous, primal, and powerful; internationally acclaimed taiko troupe Kodo brings their strength and spectacle to the Pablo Center stage.

Kodo thanks ANA for their support of  “Kodo One Earth Tour 2019: Evolution” North America Tour.

Tickets starting at $25.