The Driftless Series Presents:S.Carey & Humbird brought to you by: Leinenkugel's

August 20, 2020 | Jamf Theatre

The Driftless Series

S. Carey - For as comfortable and confident as Carey is, a thoughtful questioning of reality remains as his driving source of inspiration—an attempt to creatively process the highs, lows, and all of the moments in-between with the help of musical processes. The moments between moments don’t just stand for something; they are everything. And like all great art, they provide further possibilities, personal interpretations for the listener. Simply stated, over the course of three albums, two EPs, and a few one-off singles, S. Carey has proven to be a reliable source of beauty. It’s a safe claim to make that something so reliably beautiful can also be called enduring. In an era when the shelf life of art is typically measured in minutes, this accomplishment puts him in a rare group of artists, seemingly unconcerned (but not indifferent) to passing trends.

Written over the course of a few years, in between touring schedules and the growth of his family, Carey recorded, mixed and produced Hundred Acres at home and in various studios in rural Wisconsin with support from his longtime collaborators Zach Hanson, Ben Lester, and Jeremy Boettcher, as well as new contributions from Rob Moose (yMusic), Casey Foubert (Sufjan Stevens) and Sophie Payten (Gordi).


Pablo Center and the Driftless Series welcome Humbird with her full band. Combining a wintry longing with the warmth of a familiar folktale, Humbird stretches between experimental folk and environmental Americana to embrace the unexpected. This music invites a refreshing dissonance into the house, it leaves breadcrumbs along the path and reflects light back at the stars. Humbird will be performing songs from her new album, Pharmakon. With inspirations ranging from folk to americana and bluegrass to Bon Iver, Siri Undlin and her band tracks a snow-flecked trek through folklore-filled wilderness.

Tickets $20 plus fees and tax. 

Thursday, August 20, 2020 - 7:30 pm

Presented by Driftless Series and Leinenkugel's