Jerrika Mighelle and Friends: Hemma and The Nunnery

February 21st, 2020
Jamf Theatre

Jerrika Migelle

Driftless Series Presents: Eau Claire’s own folk singer/songwriter, Jerrika Mighelle, has made a name for herself in the Chippewa Valley and beyond for songs that grab right onto the heart. Her reputation even gained her a radio show, Tunes from the Womb, where she plays female/non binary fronted tunes. In the spirit of both her show and the music she puts out into the world Jerrika is putting together a sensational evening of local musicians; bringing together friends from all genres to share the Pablo Center stage with her.

For a sneak peek at what might be in store, you can catch her show on every Thursday at 5 pm.

About Jerrika
Wisconsin singer/songwriter Jerrika Mighelle, formerly of sister folk trio QuinnElizabeth, released her first solo album “Like the Sea” in January of 2017. This album has been described as a weighty and atmospheric gem, rife with raw emotions and existential longing. She toured regionally for a year and a half gaining attention for her haunting vocals and charming stage presence. Jerrika’s tunes have been featured on radio stations across the region including Eau Claire’s own Converge Radio, and NPR’s Simply Folk. She is currently working on her second studio album, recording with Evan Middlesworth at Pine Hollow Studios. Also, she can be heard every Thursday at 5 pm on 99.9 Converge Radio as she hosts her own women centric radio show called “Tunes From the Womb".

About Hemma
Singer/Songwriter Hannah Hebl recently released an EP titled "Tomorrow River" under her nickname that also happens to be the Swedish word for 'home'. From a family of singers, Hemma charts a path of her own with songs that reflect a nomadic lifestyle and the tether that keeps her coming back to her roots. With lyricism that longs for answers to the meanings of dreams and suggests the telepathic power of horses, the undercurrent of American country and folk pulls to life a blossoming array of genre-defying landscapes that beckon the listener into the dream of a pastoral utopia. She has been a backing vocalist for HALEY (Haley Bonar), Sarah Krueger, and Wendy Lewis. She joined the PEOPLE collective ( in 2018 with pop project Hōmlē, a collaboration with Yummm. 

About The Nunnery
The Nunnery is a solo act of Sarah Elstran. Creating melding meditative, lush soundscapes with layered vocal loops and catchy hooks. More of an experience than just a sound, The Nunnery's somewhat-improvised performances are informed by the spaces in which they occur. Many of her shows are accompanied with live visual projections. The projections are my way of communicating a thought without words, a feeling without description. Her hope is that these songs and performances give you a sense of peace, a space to understand your own heart.

Tickets are $20 plus fees and tax.

Friday, February 21, 2020 - 7:30 pm