University of WI – Eau Claire Department of Art & Design Alumni Exhibition

February 1st, 2019 - March 15th, 2019 | 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Located in the James W Hansen Gallery.

Join us as we celebrate the alumni artists of UWEC’s Department of Art + Design. With a scope of medium and subject that will surprise and impress, this exhibit highlights the depth and growth of one of the University’s most vital programs.
(left: Catch / Release by Leah Fargo) (below: Wish You Were Here by Gail Schellinger)

About the UWEC Department of Art & Design
The UWEC Department of Art & Design is dedicated to delivering creative and innovative experiences by promoting practice in foundational skills, historical knowledge, and collaborative efforts. The Department continues to foster a community of students and faculty involved in the positive development of a visually stimulated world. This supportive environment helps students increase personal artistic awareness and learn to communicate visual ideas as global citizens.

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire offered its first art class in 1937 and the Haas Fine Arts Building, which currently houses the Department of Art & Design, was completed in 1970. Currently the Department offers four degree options to students to fit their academic goals. The BFA degree is designed for students who seek graduate studies and a career as a practicing artist. Our two BA degrees are designed for students who plan to apply art and design to work in design, communication, or other fields. Many students also elect to minor in art or art history, which makes an excellent pairing with a wide variety of degrees - from humanities and cultural studies to business or education. The Department of Art & Design currently has 210 majors and 91 minors. 

With learning opportunities including immersion and field experience trips, internships, and workshops with visiting artists that supplement faculty expertise, students benefit from the abundant ways they can hone their skills and develop their artistic expression.


Selection Committee Statement
The Department of Art & Design thanks all artists who courageously submitted work for consideration. This exhibition would not be possible without the dedication and passion of our alumni and the collaborative efforts of the Pablo Art Center. This exhibition celebrates the creative accomplishments of our graduates and hopes to inspire current UWEC students and Eau Claire community members.

The selected artists responded to the open call and represent a diverse group of alumni ranging from recent graduates to those who are reconnecting after decades. The role of the selection committee was a challenging one. We were tasked to choose a select number of artworks in order to make a show that fits well in the space of the James W. Hansen Gallery and applauds the most highly ambitious and accomplished pieces. We sought to create a balance in materials, media, and process, culminating in a collection of generations and styles united through creative journeys and developing careers.