Ganavya Doraiswamy

October 18th, 2018 | Starts at: 7:30 pm | Jamf Theatre

Ganavya Doraiswamy

Click here to listen to Ganavya sing Blackbird where she translates part of the song to her native language of Tamil.

Ganavya Doraiswamy was trained as a vocalist, dancer, and multi-instrumentalist in Tamil Nadu, South India, for seven years.

She holds degrees in Theatre and Psychology, and graduate degrees in Contemporary Performance (Berklee College of Music), and Ethnomusicology (UCLA). She was awarded one of Berklee's first Post-Graduate Fellowships, for which she constructed a course titled Sounds of Indian Music, and published a text under the same name for the course. Currently, she is a doctoral student at Harvard's newly developed cross-disciplinary program, as she continues to grow both as a scholar and performer.

She has learnt from, or performed and recorded with: Danilo Perez, Placido Domingo, James Newton, Victor Wooten, Wadada Leo Smith, Alain Perez, Perico Sambeat, Vijay Iyer, Zakir Hussain, Laura Karpman, Polo Orti, Victor Mendoza, Sandra Carrasco, Javier Limón, Ousso Lotfy, and Zebbler Encanti Experience, among other artists who have influenced her work. She is proudly a part of Alfredo Rodriguez's Tocororo, co-produced by Quincy Jones.

Ganavya translates jazz standards to her native language of Tamil, and recontextualizes Indian songs. Her debut album, Aikyam: Onnu features all of her influences and represent the merging of these different worlds.

Featuring Alfredo Rodriguez on piano and Rajna Swaminathan on percussion.

Tickets starting at $25.