Pablo Center Lifts Covid-19 Visitor Protocols on March 12, 2022


Pablo Center Lifts Covid-19 Visitor Protocols on March 12, 2022

Pablo Center at the Confluence announces starting March 12, 2022 the lifting of Covid-19 visitor protocols and the return of regular, in-person gallery and box office hours. The former policy enacted on August 25, 2021 required all patrons, artists, and staff to show proof of negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours or proof of vaccination upon entry.

“The safety of Patrons, Artists, and Staff is paramount for Pablo Center,” says Executive Director Jason Jon Anderson. “On March 12th we mark the second anniversary since Pablo Center’s shuttering due to government orders in response to Covid-19. Pablo Center, like other national and international venues, worked with artists and local health professionals to find ways to re-open and remain operational. We adapted and enacted measures to protect our guests and keep our doors open. As pandemic conditions improved and protective measures increased within our community, Pablo Center, with guidance from Eau Claire City and Country Health, is able to reduce our entry protocols."

“We are extraordinarily grateful for the support of our partners, patrons, and the communities of the greater Chippewa Valley over the past two years," continues Anderson. “We look forward to continuing to provide our guests with a safe and exceptional experience.”

The decision to ease the visitor requirements comes amid national and local easing in Covid-19 restrictions, including new community, metric-based masking guidance by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and improved local Covid-19 conditions. The positivity rates in Eau Claire City-County have declined steadily, with a 7-day average new total case rate of 25.1 per day and positivity rate of 8.3%. The easing of Pablo Center’s entrance requirement also aligns with building partner University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, who as part of the full University of Wisconsin System is dropping their masking requirements on March 12.

As of March 12, 2022, Pablo Center will return to public gallery and box office hours of Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Guests regardless of vaccination status are strongly encouraged to continue wearing masks.

Facility sanitization and health standards remain a priority. All Pablo Center staff remain required to be vaccinated and to continue to wear masks when engaging with guests, artists, and visiting production crews. The facility will continue to take increased measures to maintain a sanitized environment. Hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the building as well as the use of air-ionizers that serve to neutralize harmful pathogens and increase air handling.

Pablo Center with guidance from Eau Claire City-County Health Department will closely monitor current data and pandemic conditions. Adjustments to protocols will be made as needed to protect the well-being of building partners, patrons, artists, staff, and the greater community.

View our Visitor Covid-19 Guide for more information on building cleaning practices, sanitization, and ticket-holder Covid-19 policy.

Visitor Covid-19 Guide

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