In Solidarity with the AAPI Community


In Solidarity with the AAPI Community
We at Pablo Center at the Confluence have been deeply affected by the recent shooting in Atlanta, which we see in devastating proximity to other instances of violence and a generalized anti-Asian sentiment in America. Part of our mission at Pablo Center is to “promote equity, accessibility, inclusion, and diversity in the arts.” This also requires some introspection, and recognizing how the performing arts have contributed to turning our differences into distortions, and how distorted visual and performed representations of gender and race have, and continue to, help perpetuate a troubling status quo when it comes to violence and misogyny, hyper-sexualization, and racialization. As part of this mission, our Conversations in Color series aims to reanimate discussions of power, politics, and access with the agency, creativity, and history many in our community and beyond face each day living in America. We recognize the challenge, perhaps the daunting challenge, of fully understanding our intersecting lives and realities. Our goal is to confront the obstructions to understanding.  

Sometimes, simply comforting the communities who frequently experience violence is not enough. A community must take up the work of contemplation and education. The Staff and Board of Directors of the Pablo Center at the Confluence support and stand in solidarity with our local AAPI community at this difficult time.  Pablo Center also invites the entire community to participate in a new episode of Conversations in Color: entitled Asian Americans, Hate Crimes, and COVID-19, on Monday, April 5, 2021, at 7:30 pm.  Event Link Here Conversations in Color is a weekly livestream series which we co-host in conjunction with our community partners at Uniting Bridges and Converge Radio.

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