Today, a new nonprofit coalition, Together Chippewa Valley, is being announced to the public. Together Chippewa Valley is a coalition of nonprofits forming to coordinate a response effort to address community needs during the COVID-19 crisis, to raise funds through a first-of-its-kind community-wide fundraising initiative, support each other’s missions, to survive, and to thrive.

Out of respect for individuals, businesses, and other organizations that are being severely impacted in various ways, and acknowledging many want to help, nonprofit organizations in Chippewa and Eau Claire counties have come together in solidarity to create one fundraising campaign that will provide essential financial support during this economic crisis.

Just as it is important that the communities’ businesses and other vital organizations survive this critical time, nonprofit organizations that provide crucial services in our communities are doing all they can to remain strong and sustain themselves in order to continue serving those who rely on them. The financial and social costs of COVID-19 are extensive, and they will continue to mount. Nonprofits’ facilities have been closed, events and programs canceled, fundraisers postponed or canceled, and expenses incurred to work remotely while these groups have continued to serve the community and their missions. Like so many, these organizations are concerned that they may not be able to provide the high standard of services to the community that will be needed when COVID-19 finally retreats.Together Chippewa Valley will work as one so the Chippewa Valley’s nonprofits can survive this crisis. 

Together, they  can can bring arts and social play back to our communities. Together, they can care for and nurture animals and children. Together, they can inspire all people to stay healthy and active. Together, with the help of community support, local nonprofits will remain active in our communities.  


Together Chippewa Valley is launching one community campaign to raise funds during this challenging time. All money raised will be equally divided between the nonprofits in the coalition to be used for program and operating expenses as well as to offset losses incurred from COVID-19.

Donors choosing to support the cause can make a gift online through our website or by mailing a check:

Online (Credit Card)

1. Visit
2. Choose “Make a Gift”

Mail (Check)

1. Make check payable to Visit Eau Claire Foundation (Fiscal Sponsor of Together Chippewa Valley)
2. Mail to Visit Eau Claire Foundation c/o Together Chippewa Valley, 128 Graham Avenue #234, Eau Claire, WI54701

Founding nonprofits of this coalition are:

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Greater Chippewa Valley

Chippewa Valley Museum

Children’s Museum of Eau Claire 

Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild

Eau Claire County Humane Association 

Family Resource Center 

Junior Achievement of Wisconsin 

Pablo Center at the Confluence

And more nonprofits will be invited to join.

Together these organizations:

Have 224 years combined service to our community

Serve 194,000+ people annually

Employ 249 people

Generate $7,849,000 in economic impact annually for the community

Purchase $1,996,500 in goods and services locally each year

The following organizations have also now become members:

Bob’s House for Dogs

The Community Table

Chippewa Humane Association

Fierce Freedom

Sculpture Tour of Eau Claire

UCP Western Wisconsin

YMCA of the Chippewa Valley

Make a gift today and help Together Chippewa Valley on their mission to keep the nonprofit community thriving!

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