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Pablo Center welcomes people of many talents to help ensure our success in creating and supporting the highest level of creative arts. Many different talents and skills are needed to do our work, and we offer full-time and part-time opportunities.

Pablo Center is committed to recruiting and fostering a diverse staff; all are encouraged to apply.


POSITION: Director of Artistic Programming (Full Time) 
REPORTS TO: Executive Director 

Posted: November 2019 
Open until filled 
Priority review of applications begins on: December 9th, 2019 
Please send cover letter and resume to : 

Position Summary 
Under the supervision of the Executive Director, The Director of Artistic Programming serves as the primary steward of the artistic programming at Pablo Center at the Confluence. This includes a robust and diverse year- round schedule of music, dance, theater, as well as programs presented by partners; touring productions, and rentals. Working as a team leader, the Director of Artistic Programming is responsible for the oversight of conceptualizing, contracting and implementing performing, visual, and literary art forms. The Director of Artistic Programming is also responsible for the oversight of educational outreach and workforce development, utilizing the knowledge and expertise of the artistic team and Pablo Center staff. This cross-disciplinary position interacts with board members, committee members, volunteers, internal and external partners; sets and meets revenue goals for programs and expands collaboration with artists, managers, producers, promoters and other presenters. 

The Director of Artistic Programming is a member of the executive team and supervises a professional staff of 3 FTE positions, who all work together collaboratively to ensure the artistic continuity of the Pablo Center at the Confluence and that the institution serves its mission in the community. The ideal candidate will be a pragmatic organizer and collaborator with a proven intellectual track record and excellent knowledge of a variety of art disciplines. This is a critical position in supporting productive, mutually beneficial professional relationships with community, artistic constituents, and building partners. The ideal candidate will possess excellent leadership skills and promote an open-door policy, a willingness to actively participate in the culture of the region with a mind towards augmenting and enhancing an exciting creative culture. 


  • Responsible for positioning Pablo Center as a first-class cultural asset in the Midwest by initiating and developing artistic and educational collaboration that is reflective of the creative culture of the region.
  • Assist the Executive Director and artistic team in creating/sustaining partnerships that will support the artistic and business objectives of Pablo Center.
  • Responsible for the mentorship and supervision of the following artistic personnel: 
  • Artistic Contract Manager:
    • Is the keeper of the Master Calendar for all events attached to Pablo Center; including performance spaces, rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms and classroom schedules.
    • Ensures that the scheduling of new events is communicated with all individuals on the team.
    • Ensures the fulfillment of artistic contracts, community constituent groups and clients who utilize our facilities.
    • Works with the Special Events Manager to ensure that all events in the Pablo calendar are being managed.
    • Arranges and maintains all travel and accommodations agreed upon for artists, authors and talent. 
  • Workforce Development and Outreach Manager:
    • Oversees the workforce development programming
    • Initiates, develops and manages partnerships with a variety of community and educational organizations
    • Is responsible for designing short-term educational programming to meet the needs and interests of the region
    • Coordinates master classes, lecture/demos, and other workshops with visiting performance groups. 
  • Visual and Literary Arts Manager:
    • Is responsible for curation of exhibits, installation, and de-installation of artworks in Pablo Center’s three gallery spaces.
    • Works with Pablo team members to create a series of art talks, visual arts workshops, and programming to engage the community.
    • Is responsible for the ARTmobile, Pablo Center’s art outreach programming for children and families.
    • Acquires, exhibits, and maintains Pablo Center’s Laurie Bieze Permanent Art Collection.
  • Works with literary constituents and Pablo team members to create meaningful literary arts experiences and events.
  • Serve as liaison to artists, staff, boards, partners, members, faculty and students, as well as patrons, donors, city officials, VIPs, government officials, and community participants.
  • Assist in the negotiation and terms of venue agreements for presenting, co-production, and constituent groups.
  • Assist in the research, development, and presentation of exhibitions, outreach and workforce development programming.
  • Thoroughly understand the history, mission, culture, structure, programs, operations, and audiences of Pablo Center and local constituency groups. 
  • Establish strong relationships with all team members, built on trust and a shared vision; continuing to bring forth everyone’s best thinking and efforts.
  • Assist in the curation and management of an artistically-significant and financially-viable schedule of quality performances that continue to define the Pablo Center brand. Ability to draw from a ‘midwest mindset’ to artistically develop programming.
  • In collaboration with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors, establish and manage the overall programming budget, including both expenditure and earned revenue goals. 
  • Oversee the selection of artists participating in Pablo Center sponsored programs and presentations. 
  • In partnership with the Executive Director, develop both short-term and long-term programming goals that address Pablo Center’s mission and objectives that clearly define Pablo Center’s place in the cultural landscape locally, regionally, and nationally. 
  • Contribute to timely communication, collaboration, and problem-solving efforts with internal and external stakeholders. 
  • Work in close partnership with production and operations to ensure the effective and timely communication of related production needs (including back and front of house functions and other operational needs) at Pablo Center. 
  • Maintain professionalism, tact, and care in a fast-paced and changing environment; maintain confidentiality at all times. 

The following leadership core competencies are required of all Pablo Center Leaders. Leaders will be required to be able to demonstrate these skills for this position.  

  • Succinct, consistent, supportive, and transparent communication is utilized with all levels of the organization, regardless of the nature of the messages. 
  • Goals and information are shared in a direct, honest, and straightforward manner, to ensure there are no unnecessary surprises and all team members are on the same page.  
  • Constructive feedback is encouraged, and willingly accepted, and respectful debate is viewed as vital to effective communication. 
  • Actively listens, is available to team members, asks open-ended questions, and considers all options. 
  • Takes responsibility for decisions they make or participate in, regardless of whether the outcomes are successful. 
  • Facilitates communication on behalf of the Artistic Team, interacting with board members, boards, public officials; donors and patrons, the staff at all levels, and the public. Provide information requiring comprehensive knowledge of policies, procedures, and practices.
  • Ability to anticipate Executive Director’s course of action when absent and work in cooperation with the executive leadership team to facilitate a resolution.
  • Provides pertinent and appropriate contractual and professional information to prepare appropriate communication; i.e., show scaling, calendaring, etc.
  • Manages and prepares correspondence: Reads and edits outgoing correspondence for procedural, typographical and grammatical accuracy with general policy and factual correctness. Correct as appropriate. Receives and reads incoming correspondence and information.
  • Maintains appropriate files, data, and information pertinent to Artistic Programming; update as needed.
  • Creates show performance reports for the Executive Director as needed.

Leadership - Guiding and Developing Staff

  • Creates development opportunities by delegating and engaging team members in opportunities within the organization. Provides team members the freedom to work independently to take informed risks and make mistakes, while providing effective feedback and guidance to grow and develop. 
  • Shows empathy, compassion, and care for team members throughout their development, starting with a positive and engaging on-boarding experience. 
  • Sets high, but achievable performance expectations, and holds others accountable for achieving results. This includes providing frank, meaningful feedback when improvement is required, but not micromanaging.  
  • Provides clarity of desired outcomes, and guide others in accomplishing work objectives. 
  • Shows sincere appreciation and recognition to team members across the organization for achieving goals, milestones, and/or living the Core Purpose and Core Values of Pablo Center. This recognition is conducted both formally and informally.  

Leadership – Daily Tasks 

  • Makes things happen; follows through and delivers on their own projects, tasks, and commitments, and produces results. 
  • Removes obstacles to allow others to deliver on their commitments and goals and enables others to take ownership. 
  • Works to develop effective goals and continues to ensure the right goals are set.
  • Timely response and completion of electronic and phone communications. 
  • Leads and drives continuous improvement to continually nurture the Member and team member experience.  


  • Develops networks, engages in cross-functional activities, and collaborates across boundaries, demonstrates curiosity, values diversity and individual differences, and finds common ground to build strategic relationships and achieve common goals. 
  • Establishes a safe environment where all opinions can be expressed, discussed, and debated, while preserving and strengthening relationships. Optimal solutions are identified and executed.   

Physical Demands
Work is performed in an office environment and requires the ability to operate standard office equipment and keyboards. Must have the ability to walk short distances and drive a vehicle to deliver and pick up artists/materials. Ability to work nights and weekends as needed. 


  • An undergraduate degree in relevant area of study from a nationally accredited institution.
  • 6 years’ experience in programming and management in an art organization, museum, or public gallery is required.


  • Ability to respond to common inquiries or complaints from customers, regulatory agencies, or members of the business community. Ability to write speeches and articles for publication that conform to discipline specific style and format. Ability to effectively present information to patrons, public groups, and/or the Board of Directors.
  • Strong artistic, strategic planning, and resource management skills.
  • Excellent administrative skills and experience necessary to manage systems and workflow.
  • Demonstrable knowledge and understanding of education and community practices and outreach efforts.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of marketing and audience development.
  • Experience in curatorial studies and knowledge of international artists.


  • Exceptional interpersonal and relationship management skills with the ability to develop effective partnerships and to persuade and negotiate; strong knowledge of and relationships with regional, national and international arts and culture organizations is required.
  • Curiosity of regional culture with a mind to explore new ideas to cultivate new audiences while also engaging time tested patrons.
  • Must be available to work flexible hours during events with evenings and weekends as needed to ensue operations are providing artists with the highest levels of care and consideration, and also to oversee programs and participate in Pablo Center activities such as engaging with donors, staff development, partnership development, and membership events.
  • Proven ability to work in partnership, connect, and collaborate with others both internally and externally.
  • Must be computer literate and have the ability to work with specific computer software.
  • Ability to prioritize, multitask, and adapt with varying paces of workflow.
  • Undergraduate degree in relevant area of study (e.g. Art History, Arts Management) from a nationally accredited institution is required. A Master’s Degree is preferred.
  • Proven strong leadership, mentoring and training abilities in artistic programming and outreach, as well as experience in multi-use facilities, is required.
  • Minimum of 6 years’ experience in programming and management in an art organization, museum, or public gallery is required.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills are desirable as the applicant will need to mentor/instruct a diverse student, faculty, staff, administrative, community, and professional base of clientele.