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Artistic Performance Contract Manager

Position Description Posted: July 12, 2019 Apply By: July 29, 2019
Please send cover letter and resume to:


Reporting to the Director of Artistic Programming, the Artistic Performance Contract Manager: Supports the operations of the artistic programming department by coordinating the unique requirements between departments for Pablo Center at the Confluence artistic performances, performance/show rentals, including Pablo Presents Series, Set List series, and co-promotional shows. Assists in developing/implementing artistic show strategies and artistic experiences that maintain Pablo Center market leading stance as a hub for the creative economy within Northwest Wisconsin.  This includes contract fulfillment as well as contract oversight for shows and performances.

  • Point of contact for Performance/Show rental inquiries.
  • Assists Director of Artistic Programming with the booking of Co-promotional performances/shows.
  • Manages the day-to-day Pablo Center building calendar utilizing both Microsoft Office and Dean Evans EMS (Event Management Software).
  • Helps maintain the system for contracting; including booking, contracts, down payment dressing room schedules, cancellation fees, show settlements and final invoicing.
  • Assists in drafting contracts for constituent groups, community organizations, promoters and other rentals.
  • Builds and maintains relationships with internal and external partners in Performance/Show rental implementation.
  • Clearly communicates performance/show specs to all Pablo Center teams pre-event to ensure that day-of show execution is seamless.
  • Maintains electronic show files. Updates contracted show rider information promptly if any changes are made.
  • Maintains open channels of communication and supply show information to all other departments.
  • Assists with development and promotion, including organization of events.
  • Works with Artistic Director on creative vision for Pablo Center, which could include attending events/meetings as a Pablo Center representative.
  • Assists in providing travel and housing arrangements for contracted Pablo Center performers.

The following leadership core competencies are required of all Pablo Center Leaders. Leaders will be required to be able to demonstrate these skills for this position.

  • Succinct, consistent, supportive, and transparent communication is utilized with all levels of the organization, regardless of the nature of the messages.
  • Goals and information are shared in a direct, honest, and straightforward manner, to ensure there are no unnecessary surprises and all Pablo Center staff are on the same page.
  • Constructive feedback is encouraged, and willingly accepted, and respectful debate is viewed as vital to effective communication.
  • Actively listens, is available to team members, asks open-ended questions, and considers all options.
  • Takes responsibility for decisions they make or participate in, regardless of whether the outcomes are successful.
Guiding and Developing Staff 
  • Creates development opportunities by delegating and engaging team members in opportunities around the organization. Provides team members the freedom to work independently to take informed risks and make mistakes, while providing effective feedback and guidance to grow and develop.
  • Shows empathy, compassion, and care for team members throughout their development, starting with a positive, engaging, on-boarding experience.
  • Sets high, but achievable, performance expectations, and holds others accountable for achieving results. This includes providing frank, meaningful feedback when improvement is required, but not micromanaging.
  • Provides clarity of desired outcomes, and guides others in accomplishing work objectives.
  • Shows sincere appreciation and recognition to team members across the organization for achieving goals, milestones, and/or living the Core Purpose and Core Values. This recognition is conducted both formally and informally.
  • Makes things happen; follows through and delivers on their own projects, tasks, and commitments, and produces results.
  • Removes obstacles to allow others to deliver on their commitments and goals and enables others to take ownership.
  • Works to develop effective goals and continues to ensure the right goals are set.
  • Leads and drives continuous improvement to continually nurture the Member and team member experience.
  • Develops networks, engages in cross-functional activities, and collaborates across boundaries, demonstrating curiosity, valuing diversity and individual differences, and finding common ground to build strategic relationships and achieve common goals.
  • Establishes a safe environment where all opinions can be expressed, discussed, and debated, while preserving and strengthening relationships. Optimal solutions are identified and executed.

Bachelor’s or Associates Degree with emphasis in Business, Marketing/Communications, Music, Arts, Theatre and/or a related field.
A minimum of three years of work experience in similar business, touring or arts center related position. 

Please submit a Cover Letter, Resume, and References to  This position has a preferred applications deadline of July 29th, 2019.  Review of applications will begin on July 30th, 2019 and continue until the position is filled. 

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